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World news headlines – Eagle16
Eagle 16 delivers breaking news from across the Arab and U.S globe. It’s delivered the latest world news headlines and stories about business, sports and entertainment headlines including Arab news, Lebanon news, Al Jazeera news, Israeli news and more.

Daily news update on terrorism and threats to national security in South Asia. From South Asia Terrorism Portal

Shanzai.com Analysing Shanzai Tech Culture & Gadgets
Analyzing Asian tablets, phones and gadgets Shanzai.com delivers all the latest news, video reviews and opinions about the chinese consumer electronics market

World news headlines
Charles Ayoub world’s leading newspaper offers latest international news, business news, entertainment news, sports news stories from Europe, Asia, Africa, U.S and covers online breaking news around the world.

Events in India
MeraEvents, the first Indian web based portal is dedicated to events, conferences, exhibitions < trade fairs, offering many unique features which would forever change the way events are organized.

Best life insurance quote
LifeInsuranceKnowledge.com is a website dedicated to helping consumers find the best information about life insurance and find competitive life insurance quotes and rates.

Website News and Analysis
Website news and analysis social platform that allows users to keep a track of their favorite websites. SiteTrail is out to change the way people read social media and tech news online.

Engage Guru offers rate your professors, rate your college
engageguru.com is a site where Indian students rate their teacher, rate their colleges, rate a professor and review the rating of professors/colleges on a scale. The mission is to engage and connect students and alumni from across the country to voice their honest rating, recommendation and review of colleges/professors and the prospects offered, for other students seeking guidance.

Uniting The Music World
Munite is a multi-dimensional online venue full of empowering resources, tools, and knowledge focused solely on music. It delivers a professional forum for self-promotion and marketing, while increasing your exposure to the industry.

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